Friday, March 9, 2007

Another new personal finance blog

Welcome to my new blog. I'm going to try and use this blog to help motivate me to get out of debt. But, before I actually go into the debt part of my story, I'll share a bit about me. I live in the Seattle area (where the cost of living is a higher than average). I have a gross income of around $65k. I'm married with 3 kids.

You might be asking why this is the "Dueling Debtors" blog? Well, you see the sentence from the previous paragraph that mentioned I'm married? Well, that explains it! Actually, neither of us really have been actively trying to manage our finances, and although we may say we're trying to watch our spending, I've found that without a budget, it really doesn't work well because it's too easy to cheat.

So here is what I'm hoping to accomplish with this blog:

1. Start watching (and organizing) my finances on a daily basis
2. Establish a budget
3. Start applying extra money towards debt.
4. Have fun

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